About LLTB

About Long live
the Block

Your block needs you.

Forced closure, contact restrictions, Shutdowns: COVID-19 not only endangers our health but also our economy. The people that make our daily lives better are hit especially hard: small businesses from next door. Whether Cafés, Tattoo-Studios, bars or grooming-salon: they all give our neighbourhood a face and a soul. We have founded a community that helps us give something back – even the smallest contribution will make a huge difference to the local shop on our block.


This is how it works:

You can buy vouchers from your favorite shops on our website. Your money will be transferred directly between you and the shops and provides immediate liquidity. For your favourite shops, this means: security of planning. Continuous bills, personnel-, building-, overhead-costs can be covered, and their future secured. You can redeem your vouchers at re-opening after the COVID-19 crisis.

Support your block so it’s still there for you tomorrow.

Sharing is caring: Be a part and let others become part of the community.


What drives us:

Many companies are currently facing an existential threat. We want to show that we are stronger than the virus, when we stick together. We want to help with this Non-Profit Initiative.

Help, because it is necessary for our society.
Help, because we also have numerous shops in our neighborhood.
Help, because Shop Owners are our friends.

We are antoni_, an advertising agency from Berlin and Seitwerk, an online-marketing company from Uffingen am Staffelsee.

We welcome any Support and every ally.

Thanks for supporting:

Morrison & Foerster for their legal assistance

Thorsten Kirmes for the Radio promotion

Storyflash for the

All favourite shops at a click